Chat and Connect Volunteer

Who are we looking for?

We are seeking compassionate and kindhearted volunteers that possess a natural gift for engaging conversations. The volunteer must have a genuine empathy for others, enjoy building meaningful connections and have the ability to actively listen.


Why join us?

• Make a Lasting Impact: Your regular visits will leave a profound impact on the lives of an older person, enriching their days and reducing feelings of isolation.

• Foster Beautiful Connections: Forge heartwarming connections, sharing stories, laughter, and creating memories together.

• A Two-Way Street of Happiness: It's not just about giving; our volunteers often find themselves enriched with wisdom and valuable life experiences from the older person they meet.


How it Works?

1. Match Made: We'll pair you up with an older person in our community based on shared interests and personalities.

2. Time that Fits: You choose a time that works for you both – ideally we are seeking a commitment of one visit for an hour each fortnight. The visit may be midweek or on weekends.

3. Warm Welcome: Your first meeting will be arranged by Hannah the Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme Coordinator

4. Enjoy the Journey: Go for a walk, share a cuppa, play games, or simply have a heart-to-heart chat. The choice is yours!



All volunteers require a National Police Certificate for the purposes of Aged Care. Mount Barker District Council have a process to support volunteers to obtain this at no cost to the individual.


Ready to make a difference?

To join our program, please call Hannah our Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme Coordinator on 8391 7234 or email