Kookaburra Kids Connect Volunteer

"Are you looking for an opportunity that’s fun & flexible? 

Would you like to support and empower young people? 

Do you enjoy being active? 

If you answered 'yes' then please read on!  

We are seeking volunteers interested in supporting young people 8-18 years who are impacted by family mental illness.  

As a Program Volunteer you can make a positive difference in the lives of young people in your community." 

Kookaburra Kids Connect

An online program held over Zoom and hosted by staff and volunteers.  Sessions are designed to offer a safe space for young people to connect in a supportive environment.

Activity Days

Are run on the weekends and through school holidays.  Days and hours vary and activities could include ice skating, laser tag, bowling, rock climbing and more.


Run for 2 nights over a weekend.  Volunteers work with staff to enable our young people to have an amazing weekend!  Activities include canoeing, archery and other team building activities.

Jodie Mlikota (she/her )

Community Engagement Coordinator
Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation


Regular working days Mondays & Thursdays, Tues AM, Wednesday PM

Mobile 0459 787 539
1300 566 525
Email jodie.mlikota@kookaburrakids.org.au