Biodiversity Education Center: Virtual Volunteering - Citizen Scientist

While we are currently light on in-person volunteer opportunities, we want offer opportunities for you to do in your neighborhood or anywhere in Coppell!

So, what is a Citizen Scientist? A citizen scientist is a member of the general public who collects and analyzes data relating to the natural world, typically as a part of a collaborative project with professional scientists.

Become a citizen scientist by helping us observe and identify wild organisms in your area using the iNaturalist app on your mobile device: This website crowdsources postings from around the globe and help scientists where and when organisms occur. You may also take pictures then upload to inaturalist via desktop. In order to receive volunteer credit, please take a screenshot of your entry and email it to Please allow 3 days for us to approve your hours. One entry allows you to earn 30 minutes of volunteer service, with a max of an hour a week.