Coppell Community Garden

Coppell Community Garden

The Coppell Community Garden, an all volunteer run organization, is successful because of the many volunteers joined in the effort to build community and healthy living in Coppell. The volunteers have learned, planned, and worked with one another to develop a system of transformation for each individual involved throughout the larger community.

Adopt a plot

Individuals, families and organizations can adopt a raised garden bed (when available) to grow vegetables and fruits for donation to the Metrocrest Services food pantry. Gardeners can take produce from their plot for personal use as well. If a garden bed is not available, volunteering at the garden is recommended until a garden bed is available. All gardeners are required to recommit to their garden plots at the annual meeting at the beginning of each year.

Gardeners must commit to providing the labor and attention required year round to have a successful garden. The Coppell Community Garden provides an orientation, tools, some seed/transplants at a reduced cost, and written booklets to help the volunteer gardeners. Garden plots vary in size from 70 to 100 sq. ft.

The weekly harvest pick-up occurs every Saturday at 10:00am almost year round. All gardeners are responsible for harvesting their produce each Saturday morning in time for the pick-up. They are also responsible to share in gardening chores required to maintain the gardens. More info can be found here.