City of Sierra Madre - City Hall

Volunteering at City Hall

City Hall offers volunteers that enjoy working in an office environment a way to develop and apply their talents while providing an opportunity to learn new skills. Each department at City Hall offers various opportunities with interesting and exciting jobs and projects. The volunteer program also offers high school and college students an opportunity to earn intern hours required by many schools. The internship program will allow students to gain knowledge and help develop their skills in city government as well as working in an office environment.


  • Filing
  • Data Entry
  • Copying
  • File Retention
  • Research
  • Water Conservation Awareness
  • Working with Social Media
  • Learn great customer service skills
  • Assisting in the Planning Department
  • Assisting in the Public Works Department
  • Assisting in the Human Resources Department
  • Assisting in the Finance Department

City hall is a fun and fast paced environment for volunteers to come and broaden their education while meeting new people.

Reasons to Volunteer with City Hall

  • It’s educational and fun
  • Great work experience
  • It can count for school credit (Depending on school’s internship program)
  • Flexible hours