Phillip Island Nature Parks Volunteer Opportunities

Turn The Tide - Marine Debris Collection


How does the role help protect nature for wildlife?

"When balloons fly, seabirds die" is a campaign launched by Phillip Island Nature Parks and Zoos Victoria. The Turn The Tide program aims to promote this campaign by monitoring local beaches and collecting, analysing and recording marine debris with hopes of stopping it at the source. 

What will I be doing?

  • Collecting marine debris from our local beaches
  • Talking to the public about the "when balloons fly, seabirds die" campaign
  • Taking the debris to a central collection point

When is this opportunity available

  • Volunteers in this role ‘own’ a beach that they collect marine debris from each month. 
  • When a beach becomes available we email everyone in the program to see if anyone is happy to pick this beach up, therefore if you're interested in this opportunity the best way to get involved is start by attending the monthly sorting days to get your foot in the door. 

  turn the tide collection