Phillip Island Nature Parks Volunteer Opportunities

Eastern Barred Bandicoot - Research Assistant


How does the role help protect nature for wildlife?

This role plays an important role in research, helping record data and assist with equipment. The main research opportunity is monitoring the bandicoot population at Churchill Island or Phillip Island, including population size, health and breeding condition. 

What will I be doing?

  • Assisting bandicoot handlers with equipment
  • Using GPS technology to find bandicoot traps
  • Recording data 

When is this opportunity available

  • Bandicoot trapping weeks occur a few times a year and volunteers are asked to commit to 1-3 nights per week. This opportunity is a special opportunity, and we will generally only make it available for Volunteers that have been in our team for a period of time. If you’re interested in this opportunity, we will get in touch when these they are available and how to get involved.
  • We may also have other opportunities of similar nature with other wildlife on Phillip Island (e.g. shearwater research), again we will be in touch if/when these are available and how to get involved. 

  EBB research assistants