Phillip Island Nature Parks Volunteer Opportunities

Visitor Experience Volunteer - Nobbies Boardwalks


How does the role help protect nature for wildlife?

Visitor Experience Volunteers at the Nobbies help us protect nature for wildlife, by inspiring people to act. Visitors have been attracted to the Nobbies for many years and volunteers assist in providing important information about local wildlife (such penguins, seals and bandicoots), the environment they are visiting and our conservation work. This engages visitors to ensure their visit is interesting and memorable and often leaves people wanting to make a difference.

What will I be doing?

  • Provide short interactions with visitors to engage them with our key messages and the environment they’re visiting
  • Help create connections between our visitors and the history of Churchill Island through meaningful conversations
  • Use props to engage visitors, e.g. plush penguin, binoculars

When is this opportunity

  • Every day of the year – you can self-roster yourself on days that suit you throughout the year. We do ask for a minimum commitment of 12 shifts per year.
  •  Bulk inductions will be undertaken a couple of times per year. If you're interested in this role, we will get in contact when this opportunity is available.

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