Animal Fostering Program

Out and About: Shelter Dog Field Trip


Our "Out and About" program is the easiest way to get involved in short term fostering!


Stop by the shelter at any time during our open hours (noon-6 pm) to browse through our field-trip ready pups! Make sure to bring your ID if this is your first time.

A staff member can help you sign the dog out and grab a back back full of supplies (as well as a map of pet friendly places around the city to enjoy!).

You can return your foster dog any time before 5:30 pm the same day, or extend their stay with you for the weekend or longer. 

When you return your four legged field trip friend, staff will have you fill out a report card, indicating how the pet did on their Out and About. This helps give potential adopters more information on how the pet would do outside of the shelter.


Worried about the effect returning your foster dog will have? Don't be! Studies have shown even a couple hours away from the shelter can decrease stress in dogs and make them more adoptable. Since the launch of this program in March 2019, we have seen long stay shelter dogs get adopted quicker once they return from a field trip and have a report card. Read more about short-term fostering studies here.