Citizens Police Academy

Citizens Police Academy

1. What is the purpose of conducting a Citizens Police Academy?

Through a series of classes, instructed by police officers, the public is given a working knowledge of the Police Department’s policies and procedures.

2. What was the Fort Worth Police Department’s incentive for beginning a Citizens Police Academy?

The apparent desire for more information about the operation of the department. The right and need to know were factors, as well as misconceptions held by the public.

3. In what way will a Citizens Police Academy improve police-community relations?

We feel that the more information the public has about the police department, the less suspicions, fears, and misconceptions will exist. Many conflicts are caused by a lack of understanding, and these can be avoided.

4. How is the class conducted?

Participants meet each week at the Fort Worth Police Department, from 6 – 9 p.m. for 8 to 12 weeks. They will experience presentations by the police officers and supervisors who work in each of the areas covered.

5. What type of material is covered in class?

We try to cover almost all areas of the police department, from Training to Criminal Investigations to Narcotics. Particular emphasis is placed on the Field Operations Divisions, as that is the part of the police department with which the public comes into contact most often.

6. Who is attending the class?

Homemakers, neighborhood watch members, professional business persons, retirees, etc.

7. Do you consider the program a success?

Very much so. Since the first class in Orlando, Florida, in 1984, many law enforcement agencies throughout the United States have developed their own version of the Citizens Police Academy and are continuing this type of training.

8. How will the information obtained in this course be used by the public?

We believe that an informed public is better able to make decisions about the Fort Worth Police Department. We want them to have enough background information to make sound decisions and hope this class will break down any barriers between the police and public.

9. Who is eligible to attend?

Participants must be at least 18 years old and live or work within the City of Fort Worth. Applications to attend Citizens Police Academy may be obtained through the Fort Worth Police Website at

10. Who do I contact?

Apply online by pressing the "Fill in application" button.

Or contact:

Officer Adriana Aguileta (682)201-8744


CPA/Spanish Contact

Officer Daniel Segura (682)225-5938