Collection Pots

Collection Pot Distributor



Join our team and connect with your local community whilst raising funds for Demelza!

Find the role that suits you to help our fundraising team raise more funds whilst connecting with your local community. Help is needed across Kent, South East London and East Sussex with the following:

  • Pot Placing – our team have focused days in which they try and place as many pots in an area as possible. Join the team for the day and see how many pots you can place in the community!

  • Pot Collecting – once full, our supporter services team need individuals that are happy to collect pots and replace them with new ones, then paying the money in to Demelza.

  • Pot Maintenance – sometimes when our pots come back to Demelza, they are a little ‘worse for wear’ and need some TLC before they can be returned to the community. Help the team at the Kent hospice by cleaning and stickering pots as well as helping keep a check on stock levels.
  • Pot Promotion  - Making sure our supporters are happy is essential for us. If you have skills in administration and using a telephone, join our team in contacting existing pot holders to see whether they need replacing, and potential new venues to see if we can place more pots there!


Whether you would like to help on a regular basis, or would just be happy to come along to a pot placing day when the team are in a town near you, every bit of support helps.