City of Sugar Land Volunteer Program

Sugar Land Fire Academy

The Citizens Fire Academy (CFA) is a great way to learn about SLFE and what it takes to be a firefighter. By enrolling in this eight-week course, you will:

  • Get to know your firefighters and other staff
  • Learn when we use the Jaws of Life and other tools we carry on our fire truck
  • Learn about the Public Safety Dispatch Center
  • Take part in a staged fire scenario in full firefighter gear

Experience Bravery
In the CFA class,  you will learn about fire strategy and tactics, see your firefighters in action and learn basic life saving skills.
Firefighting has become a highly advanced science, but it is still a profession for the bravest among us. Actually, there is more to the SLFE than fighting fires, such as providing emergency medical care,  providing smoke alarms to citizens in need and even training for pandemics.

Things You Will Learn
Have you ever wondered what being a firefighter is all about? Or why firefighters do the things they do and take the risks they take? How you would react in an emergency situation? Do you know if your smoke alarms are in the right location? Can you choose and use the right fire extinguisher? If a family member had a heart attack in your home, could you help them?
 This is an opportunity for residents to find out the answers to those questions. To be accepted into the class, you must commit to attending all the classes in the program, be at least 18 years old and either live or work in Sugar Land or within the City's extraterritorial jurisdiction.