City of Sugar Land Volunteer Program

Apply here to complete your court ordered community service!

Volunteer opportunities at the animal shelter for court ordered community service can include the following positions:

  • Dog kennel cleaning
  • Cat kennel cleaning 
  • General Cleaning & Laundry

Shifts for Community Service are Monday - Friday from 8 :30 am - 11:30am and 2pm - 4:30 pm

Applicants interested in completing their service at the animal shelter, must complete the steps below:

1. Submit volunteer application

2. Complete a background check. If you are a new volunteer, you will receive a separate email from Sterling Volunteers to complete a background check. If you are an existing volunteer and have already completed a background check application for the City of Sugar Land, you do not need to submit again. 

3. Youth volunteers will need to upload the completed and signed consent form.

4. After submitting the application, complete the Animal Services Orientation and Volunteer Handbook OrientationWatch the videos and answer the questions based on the information provided (you will be automatically directed to the orientation link after completing the application).

Our Mission

Finding forever homes for stray and impounded animals and providing education on responsible animal care, pet ownership, and local wildlife.