City of Sugar Land Volunteer Program

Sugar Land Livable Centers Task Force

Blazing Trails in the Heart of Sugar Land – A Vibrant Livability Study

What is a Livable Center?

Livable Centers are places where people can live, work, and play with less reliance on their cars.  They encourage a complementary mix of land uses that are designed to be walkable, connected, and accessible by multiple modes of transportation such as ride-share, wheelchair, or bicycle.

The objective of a Livable Centers study is to reimagine auto-focused infrastructure and to provide space for various travel choices that reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality and transportation safety, and promote economic development.  This small area study will be the next level of mobility planning coming out of the Mobility Master Plan.  The study area includes central Sugar Land (SH6, US59, and surrounding areas) and was chosen to ensure optimal connectivity with Regional Activity Centers like Lake Pointe and Town Square, and Neighborhood Activity Centers such as First Colony Commons and the Market at First Colony. 

For this study, we are seeking individuals who are a resident, homeowner, or business owner within the orange zone shown in the following map.  ​

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