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Lead Tenants

The Lead Tenant Program provides young people between 16 – 18 years, who are unable to live at home due to family or personal circumstances, with safe and supported accommodation to prepare them for the responsibilities of independent living when they turn 18


Up to two young people in one residence are supported by an adult volunteer (or couple) called a Lead Tenant, who lives in the home and provides day-to-day guidance and mentorship and is supported by professional staff.


The young people living in the home must be studying, employed or actively seeking employment. They also have a responsibility to help out cooking and cleaning, and pay a portion of their wage or benefit towards rent and utilities.


If you’re a mature, passionate person who wants to make a difference to young people by being a positive role model – Lead Tenant could be for you. It’s an extremely rewarding role – but also a challenging one. Opportunities are open to both singles and couples, in Melbourne’s Eastern and Southern suburbs.


Part of the role involves providing transport to school, appointments and extra-curricular activities.


You need to be proactive and passionate about engaging young people who may have experienced trauma and who have complex needs and challenging behaviours. Experience, along with current or completed studies in the social work, community service or youth work field are an advantage.


To help you in your role as Lead Tenant you are supported with comprehensive and ongoing training, as well as 24-hour support customised to your needs and the needs of your fellow tenants.

Uniting is a child safe organisation and is committed in everyday practice to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children, at all times. As a ‘child safe’ organisation, volunteering with Uniting is subject to a satisfactory national (and international where relevant) police check and Working With Children Check (in Victoria) and/or Working With Vulnerable People Check (in Tasmania) prior to commencement in any service or undertaking.