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Dog Fostering

Dog Fostering

Would you like a dog but are not in a position to give long term commitment? Do you have spare time that you could devote to cheering up an unhappy dog? Blue Cross is looking for kind hearted committed people who can offer short term care to needy dogs in their own homes.


What you will be doing

  • Caring for a Blue Cross dog in your home
  • You will be providing all the care they need – feeding, exercising, socialising, giving medication and grooming
  • Reporting back your observations of the dog in your home to assist behavioural assessment
  • Depending on your skills and facilities this may involve caring for sick or injured animals, caring for nursing mothers and litters or offering a break to an animal that is not coping with life in one of our rehoming centres. 


What we are looking for

  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Experience of handling and caring for dogs and puppies
  • You need to live within 30 minutes of the centre
  • If living in shared or rented accommodation, relevant permissions need to be obtained
  • Experience of and access to a computer (for email and internet)
  • Able to work as part of a team and be a good communicator
  • An appropriate level of physical fitness
  • Be able to drive and have suitable transport
  • Secure outdoor space
  • Willingness to learn and follow Blue Cross procedures
  • Competent, flexible and self-motivated
  • Be available on Wednesday mornings if the dog needs to see our vet
  • Be able to bring the dog to the centre to meet potential new owners at short notice


As this is a new role at the moment you must …..

  • The role does involve collecting and returning the dogs to our Tiverton branch
  • You must be around most of the time
  • Unfortunately you cannot have other animals or young children


Special Considerations


Caring for sick, injured or very young puppies on a one to one basis in your own home, especially where round the clock nursing is involved, can lead to the development of high levels of emotional attachment to the animals in your care.  For this role you need to be able to provide the high levels of care possibly required whilst maintaining a level of emotional detachment as these care provisions will be short term and the animals will inevitably leave your care.


Benefits to you

  • You’ll be helping pets to have happy, healthy lives
  • Gain practical skills and experience
  • Stay active and healthy
  • Develop skills and enhance your CV for a career in animal welfare
  • Join a great team of like-minded people
  • Knowledge that you are feeding back valuable observations to help the dog find a permanent home


Equipment Provided

  • Cages and pet care equipment
  • All food, bedding, toys, leads etc


Training and Support

To enable you to meet the role’s requirements, there will be a combination of home study and personal training courses.  This combined approach will provide you with information on The Blue Cross, policies and procedures and Health and Safety requirements, together with training for all activities undertaken. 

Time commitment

The nature of this role requires an ongoing commitment that will vary according to the type and number of dogs/puppies in your care, but will typically be a minimum of 4 hours per day.  However, the time commitment necessary could be much higher if, for example, you take puppies needing hand rearing. You will need to be available at times appropriate to meeting the pet’s needs. A lot of the animals that go into foster homes cannot be left for long periods at a time. This role is not suited to someone that works full time.

Holiday arrangements will be accommodated.


Any questions please do not hesitate to speak to Kelly on 01803 317024 or email