Volunteering at NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Volunteers supporting Long Nosed Bandicoot Endangered Population Conservation Program, North Head



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The Long-nosed Bandicoot conservation program has been ongoing for over 20 years to  monitor the endangered population in North Head, Manly. Each year around May NPWS  alongside Australian Wildlife Conservancy, Taronga Zoo and Northern Beaches Council staff and volunteers spend 6 days surveying  the area. 

Volunteers work along staff to contribute to data that enables  the monitoring of the Long-nosed bandicoot population heath and how the population is responding to threats. Participation in the survey provides  a great opportunity to develop cage trapping skills and fauna survey experience.  Previous Fauna survey skills are desirable but not essential. 

As a minimum we request your availability to participate in survey work for a a minimum of 2 consecutive days. The work tasks you will be completing including the following:  

  • Setting traps
  • Afternoon opening of traps
  • Early-morning or late- afternoon checking traps
  • Animal handling, data recording and cleaning traps

The position can be physically demanding, requiring moderate lifting, carrying, bending, walking through shrub and exposure to the elements. Good level of fitness is required . No allergy to peanuts (peanut butter used in bait). No allergy to ticks (bush ticks). Suitable for adults, 18 years and over.

If this is a volunteer opportunity that you would like to get involved in please complete an application form and a NPWS staff member associated with the program will be in contact to progress you application .