Nature Conservancy of Canada

Nature Conservancy of Canada Volunteer Event: Musquash Trailblazers

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is having two volunteer events on Friday, May 26th to clean up our two hiking trails along the Bay of Fundy!

Musquash Trailblazers

Join us on Friday, May 26th at our beautiful nature trails along the Bay of Fundy and help clean up garbage and make the trails safe for hikers! Work will include clearing overgrown trees and shrubs, filling in wet areas, and replacing trail markers and signs.

The Musquash Black Beach Trailblazer follows the beautiful 4km loop Black Beach trail (medium difficulty). This trail is known for the magnificent black sand beach at the beginning of the trail. To register, please visit our website.

The Musquash Five Fathom Hole Trailblazer takes place on a scenic 6km linear trail (12km total). This is a longer trail, but well worth it with many look-offs along the Bay of Fundy. To register, please visit our website.

**Please note: You must register for the event to participate. There are limited spots so be sure to sign up early!