Pathways to Education SJ

Volunteer Tutors Needed!


The Pathways to Education Program was created by the Regent Park Community Health Centre in an effort to address poverty and other barriers that exist in the community, with a focus placed on youth in an effort to break the cycle of poverty. The program has proved to effectively reduce the drop-out rate in the communities it is working in, as well as reducing absenteeism, serious attendance problems, academically at-risk students, and increasing the graduation rate. Due to its success in Regent Park, Pathways Canada was formed, and the program has expanded to 17 communities across Canada, including Saint John in 2016. The program is accessible to two communities in Saint John: South End and Waterloo Village.


These two communities have a high percentage of vulnerable youth, as well as two of the highest dropout rates in the city. The program is open to any student living one of the streets in the target areas. The program accepts Grade 9 to 12 students, working with them throughout their high school years, and will welcome a new cohort of Grade 9’s each year. This is our fourth year of the program.


Volunteer Responsibilities


Tutoring is a vital component of the Pathways program, therefore, we need volunteer tutors to assist students with their homework and assignments or with study skills and review.


Tutoring will be held from Monday – Thursday 4:00-5:00 PM at the Teen Resource Centre (28 Richmond Street).

Pathways to Education follows the high school calendar in terms of commitment per semester. They are as follows: September-January and/ or February- June.


Training will be provided. Time commitments vary, so volunteers may choose the number of hours per week that suit their schedule. We ask that the minimum would be twice a month.


Pathways to Education SJ is located at 28 Richmond Street in Saint John at the Teen Resource Centre.


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