YMCA of Greater Saint John

Kaleidoscope Program Facilitator - Peer support settings, community centres

Location: Peer support settings, community centres
Status: Accepting
Type of Position: Time Commitment: 2-5 hours/week or as needed for 13 weeks
Placement Date: TBD

Qualifications and Skills: Current and clear security clearance with vulnerable sector screening, have worked closely with children/youth and enjoys them, able to listen, communicate and share openly, emotionally healthy, sensitive to the needs of the bereaved, accepting of negative emotion and tension, have a motive of love, concern and profound respect of grieving people of all ages, compassionate, patient, understanding, accepting and flexible.
Age requirement – must be at least 21 years old. Rainbows Facilitator Certification Required (Volunteers must attend Rainbows Facilitator training to receive certification)


  • Participate in Facilitator Training from Registered Director
  • Contact the Rainbows Registered Director before facilitating any programs
  • Facilitates only at an Accredited Rainbows site, does not take Rainbows materials to another location
  • Individually invites participants to the program, distribute registration forms
  • Collect signed registration forms from participants and fax copies to the Volunteer Coordinator before beginning a program
  • Schedule and Lead weekly peer support groups (groups only consist of participants who have signed registration forms)
  • Keeps the participants’ confidentiality as promised and does not allow any observers into the group (Does not read personal journals unless requested by participant)
  • Plans and executes Celebrate Me Days
  • Returns all reusable materials to the Rainbows Coordinator at the end of the 13 week group meetings (all manuals, games, materials and unused journals)
  • Continually spread awareness about the Rainbows program
  • Use Rainbows curricula in its entirety, uses only original Rainbows materials and does not photocopy Rainbows materials or journals
  • Use respectable language at all times
  • Accept the guidance and decisions from the Supervisor/Director
  • Treat staff, clients and other volunteers of the YMCA of Greater Saint John with respect and dignity and be responsible in the use of the YMCA of Greater Saint John’s resources
  • Perform Volunteer responsibilities promptly, reliably and to the best of the Volunteer’s ability
  • Adhere to policies and procedures of the YMCA of Greater Saint John
  • Accept and work within the YMCA of Greater Saint John’s Guiding Principles, the Mission Statement as well as the Values of the YMCA of Greater Saint John
  • Display appropriate YMCA of Greater Saint John Volunteer identification as required
  • Participate in orientation and training programs when required


  • Be a part of the YMCA team and promote the Mission, Vision and Values of the YMCA
  • Opportunity to enhance skills as well as learn and develop new skills in a child care environment
  • Learn about diversity at the YMCA and meet new people from all walks of life
  • Enhance communication and interpersonal skills and gain valuable work experience, volunteering reflects and supports a complete picture of an individual, and gives real examples of their commitment, dedication and interests
  • Reference letter supplied with successful volunteer experience upon request

Application Deadline: On-going, submit volunteer application to J.Galbraith@saintjohny.ca

YMCA Youth Volunteer Application (Under 18 years of age):

YMCA Volunteer Application: 

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