Loch Lomond Villa

Cafe Attendants at the Village Cafe at Loch Lomond Villa



Village Café at the Loch Lomond Village

needs Volunteers Like YOU


Java Junkies at the Loch Lomond Villa need your help!


Take pity on us....Please!!!


We know we are a pitiful group and we are not above pleading,

so if you have some time to spare and want to be the life-giver

of a very social group of coffee lovers (and generally fun people),

please, please volunteer at the Village Café.  Our days will be

brighter with your help and we will be forever grateful!


You can make the sun shine at the Village again.  Call:


Cathy Taylor

Volunteer Services Coordinator

Loch Lomond Villa

Phone:   643-7175 ext 6927

Email:  volunteer@lochlomondvilla.com