YMCA of Greater Saint John

Information and Orientation Instructor - Newcomer Connections

Location: Newcomer Connections
Status: In Review
Type of Position: Temporary
Placement Date: TBD

The Information and Orientation Instructor delivers information and orientation sessions based on relevant topics to newly-arrived immigrants. The training helps Newcomers prepare for their resettlement in Canada. The purpose of the training is to help participants be able to smoothly integrate into our community and thrive, by providing them with the necessary tools needed to do so. Topics include: Driving in NB/Public Safety; Healthy Eating; Smoking; Saint John Community and Community Connections; Budgeting/ saving, managing debt and credit; and Housing. By bringing real life examples to the pre- structured material, participants will learn proper etiquette and receive guidelines related to life in their new home. Each Information and Orientation Instructor will be trained by our Settlement Trainer, Rhonda Kelley and will receive adequate material and guidance to competently present each topic. This position is coordinated by the Volunteer Liaison, Kendra Gautreau, k.gautreau@hotmail.ca

Major Responsibilities

  • Attend orientation and relevant training provided by Newcomer Connections
  • Engage participants by presenting in an interesting, stimulating, and interactive manner
  • Coordinate with Interpreter to ensure a clear plan is formulated in order to provide adequate time for interpretation
  • Provide means by which participants can ask questions and provide answers to the best of your ability (either from accurate knowledge or personal experience)
  • Contribute to the conversational aspect of the presentation which will ensure your genuine interest and concern is felt by all participants
  • Record participants’ attendance and provide this record to the Volunteer Liaison
  • Update the Community Volunteer Liaison on any issues in a timely manner
  • Participate in additional training as decided by the Settlement Trainer
  • Record number of volunteer hours and submit to the Volunteer Liaison, k.gautreau@saintjohny.ca on the first Monday of each new month

The Newcomer Connections Team would like to thank all volunteers for their time and effort.

Name of Contact or Department: Kendra Gautreau, Volunteer Liaison

Application Deadline: On-going, submit volunteer application to k.gautreau@saintjohny.ca

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