The Salvation Army - Livingston County

Court Ordered Community Service

The Salvation Army of Livingston County is a county-approved site for completing Court-Ordered Community Service.   Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 4:30pm.  If you are unable to work within these time parameters, we suggest you seek out other volunteer organizations.  You may wish to contact the Thrift Store at (810) 534-5060 if you are not available during office hours, as they have extended hours including nights and weekends.

 If you are interested in performing Court Ordered Community Service, you will need to complete paperwork including a background check release form.  This form will be filled out during your initial interview with our volunteer coordinator.

If you are under 18 years of age, your legal guardian must complete the Parental Consent Form and Release of Liability form; furthermore, we only accept volunteers age 16 and up on an as-needed basis.

During your interview we may ask to make a copy of your Order of Probation (which states the infraction and that you were assigned community service) and a copy of photo ID.  Our Volunteer Coordinator will ask you what offense brought you to court.  While we understand you are attempting to move forward from a legal difficulty and will treat you with dignity, some offenses may prohibit you from some opportunities.

Once the completed paperwork is submitted to headquarters, the background check is completed and approved, you may begin earning community service hours. Your time is recorded by punching in and out on a timeclock. Once you have fulfilled your community service obligation at the Salvation Army, a letter will be generated per your request, documenting community service hours.  Please indicate in advance of your shift if you need a letter documenting your hours to take home that day.

We schedule individuals for community service based on the need for help within the Livingston County Corps.  We cannot guarantee that there will be an opportunity to complete a certain number of mandatory community service or to have them complete by a certain date.  Our Volunteer Coordinator will discuss with you the probability of completing your hours at our agency within your timeframe.

We ask that anyone seeking Court Ordered Community Service inquire early and be committed to any shifts they accept.  No-call, No-show for any shift will result in being ineligible for future Community Service through our local agency.