Action Squad Member

Join our family of community event superstars, raising vital funds to support vulnerable children in the UK

Action Squads are groups of amazing people bringing their friends and family together to hold events and raise money to help change the lives of children and families across the UK.

Do you love to plan and organise events? Maybe you’re the go-to in your friend group to get everyone together. Or maybe you’re overflowing with fantastic fundraising ideas. If so, then setting up an Action Squad might be just right for you!

As part of one of our Action Squads, you could:

  • Plan and organise your own fundraising events, with the support of Action for Children’s professional Fundraising Managers.
  • Get involved in big Action for Children events like our Christmas fundraiser, Secret Santa.
  • Volunteer at national events, like the London Marathon and Great North Run.
  • Give talks about our work and support our campaigns.

Whether you organise one big fundraiser a year, or several smaller events such as raffles, quiz nights, and bake sales, there are so many ways to raise money for us.

We’re sure that you’ve got lots of fantastic ideas, and we’re here to support you, whatever you need.

How can you get involved?

You can either

  1. Set up your own Action Squad with family, friends, or colleagues.


2. You can join an existing group near you, if there is one. We can also introduce you to like-minded people in your area also looking to support our work in this way, and you can set up a new group together.

Why should you be part of an Action Squad?

As part of an Action Squad, you’ll:

  • Use your creative energy and organisational skills to bring your community together and raise money.
  • Gain valuable skills such as event management, fundraising, finance and administration, and team coordination – all of which look great on your CV.
  • Meet new people, learn new things, and spread the word about the vital work Action for Children does in your area and around the country.
  • Make a huge difference to the lives of vulnerable children and families.
  • What you’ll get
  • Personalised support from a local member of our fundraising team, every step of the way.
  • A handbook packed full of fundraising and event planning tips, tricks, and everything you need to keep you safe and legal.
  • The chance to enhance your event and project management skills.
  • The chance to link up with other Action Squads via our private Facebook group, to share ideas, and be part of an online community.
  • The chance to see how your group is comparing to others on our online fundraising page.
  • Once you have completed your onboarding and your group is set up, you may be able to access extra benefits such as the use of our Public Liability Insurance for your events.
  • Enjoy other campaigning and volunteering opportunities on behalf of Action for Children.
  • What we ask of you
  • We’d love to strike up a long-term relationship with you and your group. You don’t have to make plans every month, but we’d love your fundraising to be a repeat event.
  • We will be in touch with you throughout the year, but we will particularly invite you to take part in our Christmas and Summer Action Squad fundraising activities.
  • It’s not essential, but we love to feature Action Squads on our website, on social media, and in local and national press.
  • We will contact you regularly, so ideally you need to be happy with talking and sharing your brilliant plans with us, and asking for our support where you need it.


If this sounds up your street, we’d love to talk to you. Find out more by getting in touch with us today, by completing the contact form on our web page, or apply now and we'll be in touch once we know a little more about what you're looking for!