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Parent Champions

Parent Champions Needed! 

Be rewarded and have new experiences, volunteer with us as a Parent champion 


We are looking for Parent Champions to become Parent Volunteers who give a few hours a week to talk to local parents about the local services available to families. Being a parent like yourself you are will be able to share your own positive experiences of the services you have used in a trusted and informal way.

Parents will meet other parents to tell them about local childcare and other family services. As a parent you can chat more informally and share information and your own positive experience about using local services.

It can benefit you too!

As well as building your general confidence you can use your Volunteering experience to;

  • Further your training or employment prospects
  • Make a change in your career 
  • Find out more about how to best support and help your own family


 Find out more about other parents experiences on the website at:



 Action for Children does what’s right, does what’s needed and does what works. 

Our Vision

Our Children's centres play an essential role in giving children and families the early support they need.

We are open to your whole community on a regular basis. We work in partnership with other agencies such as health visitors, midwives and local schools.

To help under-fives get ready for school our services include: child and family health services; parenting programmes and antenatal support; early year’s education services, such as ‘stay and play’ sessions; speech and language support and family learning.

In addition we offer support for parents with adult learning and employment support. This may include language, literacy and numeracy support, family learning, access to apprenticeships and volunteering opportunities as steps toward employment and links to Jobcentre Plus. This is supported by good quality, inclusive childcare.