Fringe Festival Kitchen Team

MRT (Mobile Refreshment Team)

Do you love food and the satisfaction that comes with seeing smiling well-fed faces?

Come join the Volunteer Kitchen Team and help us fight the hangry-ness. We are looking for positive, hard-working volunteers to keep our corps of 1200 hungry volunteers fueled up for their jobs.

Working under our wonderful Food Program Coordinator Teresa, kitchen volunteers will prepare, serve and deliver quick healthy meals and snacks for the 400 volunteers we see on site each day. 




  • Prepare and distribute snacks and hot/cold beverages to our thirsty volunteers on shift
  • Organize and maintain a tidy kitchen workspace
  • Assist team leaders with product & inventory management


  • Volunteers on MRT must be comfortable handling food and understand food safety
  • Volunteers must be mobile enough to easily get around the Festival site
  • Volunteers must be comfortable with a degree of heavy lifting
  • Age 16+

*Hours for this team generally run from 11am-10pm

Have questions about the Duties or Requirements for this team? Get in touch! The Fringe Staff want to ensure you have the most fun and satisfying volunteer experience possible. Send us an email at or call us at 780.409.1922  to talk through the possibilities, to discuss your needs, your skills, any possible modifications and your favourite activities to find the perfect team for you!