Dog Walking

Join our Canine Companion - Dog Walking Team!

As a volunteer dog walker you will be walking shelter dogs and following our positive reinforcement training methods to improve their welfare and adoptability. At this time, we are acceping volunteer dog walkers for the weekdays only, as we have many weekend dog walkers.

Walking a shelter dog is more than clipping a leash on and heading for the trails. It requires a good understanding of the special needs of shelter dogs and skills to improve welfare and behavior. You will be provided with the training to safely handle dogs and in an appropriate manner and to give emotional comfort during walks. 

Some of our shelter dogs are not able to go on walks, and just need a kind soul to visit with them. All that while having a good time!

If you would like to volunteer to be a Dog Walker during the weekdays (Tuesday - Saturday 12pm - 6pm), please click on the orange "Fill in an application" button located on the top right hand corner of the screen.

For more information on being a Volunteer Dog Walker, including a list of skills/experience, responsibilities, benefits for you, time commitment and the requirements for the position, please see the Canine Companion - Dog Walking poster below:

Dog Walking information