Canine Companion Dog Walking

Join our Canine Companion - Dog Walking Team!

**** (Must be 19 years and older)***

As a volunteer dog walker you will be walking shelter dogs and following our positive reinforcement training methods to improve their welfare and adaptability. Walking a shelter dog is more than clipping a leash on and heading for the trails. It requires a good understanding of the special needs of shelter dogs and skills to improve welfare and behaviour. You will be provided with the training to give appropriate handling and emotional comfort during walks. All that while having a good time!

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Providing dogs with appropriate exercise, through walking, mental stimulation, play and positive physical contact
  • Encourage positive adoptable behaviors and basic leash skills
  • Providing affection, through petting and grooming

Shifts Available

Daily from 8am till 11am with shorter walks only from noon till 3.30pm.