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Expressions of Interests to Start Your Own Bushcare or Parkcare Group - Intake on Hold

Expressions of Interests to Start Your Own Bushcare or Parkcare Group - Intake on Hold

Bushcare and Parkcare Groups are run by volunteers and supported by Council. They care for and restore environmental areas on Council reserves and in our parks. Some groups have been active for more than 20 years! 

Applications for new projects by new and existing groups are usually taken annually mid year. Due to limited resources, new applications won't be accepted until further notice. We are still looking to update a list with interested applicants. This helps to justify resourcing and plan for the future of the program. You can register your interest in applying here

For Bushcare and Parkcare Group Leaders Volunteer Position Description click here

New Group Requirements

All groups need a minimum of 4 members, including a group leader to start a project. An ideal number is between 4 and 10. Individuals are not eligible to run projects by themselves. If you don't have a group yet, start talking to others in your local area about what you want to do, or consider joining an existing group to gain experience and meet others who could help spread the word.


Leadership Requirement

Each group must have a nominated Group Leader who is willing to complete all reporting and administration responsibilities. This role requires a good level of computer literacy and organisation, and must be filled at all times. 


Knowledge Base

Caring for the environment takes a level of skill to do well. Council is happy to educate new groups on how to care and restore their area, and we welcome people who have extensive experience in landcare management to take a leading role in helping others learn.



Suitable Location

We know there are lots of places that need work, that's why we try to prioritise projects in areas that have the best chance of successful restoration. When requesting your site, keep in mind it must be safe for volunteers to work on (no steep slopes, dead trees, dangerous or contaminated sites etc). If your preferred site is deemed unsuitable, we may be able to provide alternative nearby locations for your group to work on. If you don’t have a preferred site, you can also choose from our list of preferred sites provided at the information sessions.



Time Frame

Groups must be committed for a minimum of 12 months, with a preference for 2-3 year commitments to see a project through. An initial 12 month plan is all that is required for the application, with annual project plans being agreed upon into the future. The group must also be willing to hold regular volunteer working bees (10 a year) and one public working bee every 12 months to promote their work to the community.



Willingness to work with Council staff

Council is responsible for balancing the needs of volunteers with those of park users and the general public in line with a range of Council policies and legislation, therefore all volunteers must be willing to listen and comply with Council directives as needed. 

More information, including an application pack with example project plans and advice from those already in the program, will be available closer to applications re-opening in 2024/25. 

To register your interest and to receive notifications about upcoming information sessions, complete an expression of interest form.

Some sites to consider 

- Pollard Park Creek Naturalisation area