Shelter Scotland

Housing Rights Defender - Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow

No one should ever have to face homelessness. No one should be put at risk of losing their home during the Covid-19 pandemic. And no one should have their legal right to temporary accommodation denied now or ever.

You can't stay home to protect yourself if you don't have one.

We're fighting to protect the rights of every person in Scotland. Are you with us? 

We appreciate that we are now in some of the most challenging and uncertain times of our generation.

Now more than ever we are aware of how important it is that everyone has a safe space to call home and we’re fighting for that to become a reality in Scotland. We recognise that we cannot end the housing emergency alone, we also need people in our communities to have a voice and the power to create change.

We want local people in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow to play a vital role in campaigning to see a Scotland where everyone has a safe, affordable home.  

We have been working over the last few months to build a community of Housing Rights Defenders and want to support you to take local action in a way that is meaningful to you.

Through our new Facebook groups, 1:2:1 conversations, updates, resources and regular workshops, we aim to facilitate a safe space for people across Glasgow to come together virtually and share campaign ideas, take collective action and receive personalised support from your local Community Organiser.

Whether you are a seasoned campaigner or have never taken an action before, your voice matters and you can fight for the change you want to see. As a Housing Rights Defender you will gain valuable skills as you build your confidence to become an effective change-maker in your community.


To become a Housing Rights Defender, email