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Oncology Host

 Day Ward Hospital Volunteers are present primarily for the patients; to be there for

them and their caregivers.


Day Ward Hospital Volunteers are responsible to the Day Ward Coordinator who liaises directly with the Cancer Society Volunteer Coordinator with respect to volunteer practices.


Key Tasks

  1. To be available on a regular basis at the Palmerston North Hospital Day Ward to assist in the maintenance of a caring environment.
  2. To assist with patient comfort in various ways e.g. making hot drinks, reading newspaper, magazine articles or chapter of book, etc
  3. To orientate new patients to radiology, nuclear medicine, blood labs, pharmacy and other departments as required.
  4. To facilitate patient links with key Palmerston North Hospital Day Ward personnel and Cancer Society Support Services.
  5. To undertake regular in-service training with the Cancer Society.


  1. Functional relationship with Day Ward Coordinator.
  2. Accountable to the Cancer Society Volunteer Coordinator and Area Manager.


Results Desired

  1. To add to the cancer patient support options available and when appropriate to provide a more personal response that health professionals may find more difficult to provide in the pressured environment in which they work
  2. To assist Day Ward  staff in appropriate ways and to establish harmonious staff and volunteer relationships that are mutually rewarding and respectful and beneficial to the patient
  3. To provide the Day Ward Hospital Volunteer with rewarding and satisfying experiences and the knowledge that their presence is making a difference.
  4. To provide opportunities for self-development and growth.