City of Surrey - Fire Service

City of Surrey - Fire - Homesafe Program

Homesafe was designed to go to targeted homes in order to ensure they have a working smoke alarm.  These homes were picked based on previous fires and demographics that have been show to have a higher risk of experiencing a fire.  We know smoke alarms save lives so we want to ensure that people with higher risks are protected.  Homesafe has been developed by identifying what risks people have that are most prone to fires and injury. 

You will be educating residents on the importance of a working smoke alarm saving lives. This campaign increases fire safety awareness and has been proven to decrease the occurrence of fires in the community and the injuries that result.

Mission Statement

The Surrey Fire Service (SFS) protects one of Canada’s most innovative and fastest growing communities. We strive to be on the forefront of technology, patient care, suppression tactics and communications. The department's emphasis on diversity, honour, respect and teamwork helps us to achieve our goals. 

When dealing with emergencies, the SFS has found the best course of action is to prevent these emergencies from happening, which is why you’ll find us working with the community to promote home and personal fire safety.