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Cat Enrichment

 Cat Enrichment Volunteer

Volunteers for the Cat Enrichment Program are an essential part of caring for cats during their stay at SARC. In order to meet their welfare needs and improve their adoptability, Cat Enrichment Volunteers provide essential care for cats by keeping their environment clean and comfortable, providing outless to de-stress, and allowing them to engage in behaviours that promote well-being (three of the essential 5 Freedoms). 




Cat Enrichment Volunteer - Level 1

As a Level 1 volunteer, you will be responsible for providing basic cat care needs for the adoptable cats in our shelter. Key responsibilities include:

  • Understand the feeding and cleaning schedule provided by staff
  • Observe, monitor, and document cats behaviours 
  • Engage the cats through petting or other assigned activities 
  • Keep a clean environment by spot cleaning cages and freshening litter boxes 
  • Clean and replenish the communals (sweeping, mopping, replacing litter, adding toys)
  • Disinfect empty cages and supply them for cats new to the adoption floor
  • Actively engage with the public: advocate for the animals, assist with questions, and direct to staff as needed 





Cat Enrichment Volunteer - Level 2

As a Level 2 volunteer, you will be responsible for providing increased enrichment for the adoptable cats in our care. In addition to all the responsibilities of a Level 1 volunteer, key responsibilities include:

  • Assess the emotional state of each cat you work with 
  • Recognize emotional distress in cats 
  • Identify the appropriate behaviour plan for fearful, anxious, depressed, and frustrated cats 
  • Provide low-stress care and cleaning 
  • Provide appropriate exercise, play, mental stimulation, and affection 



Cat Enrichment Volunteer - Mentor

A Cat Enrichment Volunteer - Mentor will assist with training new volunteers, including workshops and buddy training, and be able to work with the majority of cats in our care. They will work closely with staff to ensure the success of the Cat Enrichment Program.


Mission Statement

Mission: To be an innovative team of animal care professionals serving the community with integrity, providing education and resources to make measurable improvements in responsible pet guardianship and compassion for animals.


The Surrey Animal Resource Centre’s values guide how we engage with our community, work with each other and care for animals.



We are honest, transparent, and accountable for our decisions.



We treat each other, and the people and animals we serve with respect, dignity, and compassion.




We seek to understand our community’s needs and actively work to achieve responsive, ethical solutions.



We actively seek evidence-based initiatives to guide our commitment for continuous growth.








We form strategic alliances with organizations that share our values and professional standards.