City of Surrey - Fire Service

City of Surrey - Fire - Community Engagement Volunteer

Fire Community Engagement Volunteer opportunities are designed to deliver important fire safety and emergency preparedness messages. Our goal is to serve those in our community who are most vulnerable, at risk and those who will receive the greatest benefit.

As professional fire fighters find an increase in frequency and variety of calls for service their availability to proactively reach out into the community is becoming limited. The Fire Community Engagement Volunteer program exists to bridge the gap and connect the Fire Service to the City of Surrey residents in a way that will save lives.

Mission Statement

The Surrey Fire Service (SFS) protects one of Canada’s most innovative and fastest growing communities. We strive to be on the forefront of technology, patient care, suppression tactics and communications. The department's emphasis on diversity, honour, respect and teamwork helps us to achieve our goals. 

When dealing with emergencies, the SFS has found the best course of action is to prevent these emergencies from happening, which is why you’ll find us working with the community to promote home and personal fire safety.