Volunteers can sign up to volunteer on a regular basis when the park is open to the public. On-Demand Volunteering lets a volunteer give their time to the park when they are available. These shifts are organized into a maximum of three hour shifts and only two or three volunteers are allowed to sign up per shift. Typically there are two shifts offered each day, 11AM – 2PM & 1PM – 4PM. Volunteer assignments on non-event days vary with the needs of the park on that particular day, a sample of the type of assignments offered during an On-Demand shift are listed below:

Costumed Characters




Event Prep

Arts & Crafts

Stage Hand



Since On-Demand Volunteering shifts are a maximum of three hours, volunteers are encouraged to bring a snack with them or money to purchase a snack at our Dish & Spoon Café or vending machines . Volunteers receive a 30 percent discount on items purchased at the Dish & Spoon Café when they volunteer. Volunteers are able to take breaks freely during On-Demand volunteering shifts but no break may exceed the amount of fifteen minutes. On-Demand volunteering shifts are most popular during the winter and summer seasons but are offered year round. Please note On-Demand shifts are scheduled upon availability and blackout dates apply.