Special Programs & Events

Special Programs & Events

Volunteers can sign up to work many of Fairytale Town’s special programs and events. Fairytale Town offers a wide variety of programs each year with exciting themes. Some special events are centered on approaching holiday seasons such as the classic and popular Safe & Super Halloween. Volunteer assignments are unique and are customized to meet the specific needs of each program/event. No job is too big or small, regardless of the assignment. Our volunteers take pride in the fact that they help create a magical memory for our guests. All volunteer assignments are given out on the day of the program on a first come, first serve basis, no exceptions. This policy helps us be fair to the growing number of volunteers that work with us. Samples of the types of assignments offered are listed below:

Costumed Characters


Arts & Crafts



Stage Hand

Leaf Raking


In order to sign up for an opportunity a volunteer must be able to work the entire shift listed on the recruitment announcement. Some of our larger events such as the Children’s Book Festival can have a shift that equals a total of eight hours, 9AM – 5PM. We recommend that volunteers bring a brown bag lunch or lunch money so that they may purchase lunch at our Dish & Spoon Café. Volunteers receive a 30 percent discount on items purchased at the Dish & Spoon Café when they volunteer. A volunteer support station is typically set up behind Farmer Brown’s Barn with snacks, veggies and water for volunteers to have during breaks. There is no limit to the amount of breaks a volunteer can take during a special event, but a volunteer may never leave a station unattended. Special event volunteering is our most popular program. Our volunteers realize that though it is hard work, it is very rewarding when the event has ended, and volunteer hours are well earned.