Office of Arts and Culture

Sacramento Film and Media Volunteer

Sacramento Film and Media Volunteer:

Importance of Position: To more quickly and efficiently move the website project forward so that we are poised for success once the Stay at Home order is lifted.

Skills, qualifications or requirements for assignment: Drone pilot, photographer, social media proficiency, film set experience

Duties and Responsibilities (List specific tasks to be done by the volunteer): Identify locations for website library, photograph potential film locations, drone images and video of film locations, categorize locations by genre, gather contact information of approved locations

Training Provided: Discussion of what is a film location, identifying locations for film use (i.e. is there a base camp close by, parking, etc), film etiquette, expectations of constituents and filmmakers, editing images for website use

Person supervising volunteer: Jennifer West, Sacramento Film Commissioner

Duration of assignment: 2-3 months

Hours Needed and Proposed Schedule: 5-10 hours/week, flexible schedule

Currently this is a remote volunteer opportunity.