Community Care

Bus Assistant

Volunteer Bus Assistant:

Monday – Friday - 8.00am – 4.30pm



Volunteer bus assistants can work on either a split shift or for a full day. A split shift includes a morning and afternoon bus run.


Volunteer bus assistants meet the bus driver at Castle Hill Showground at 8.00am.


Volunteer bus assistants assist the driver by contacting each client 10 minutes prior to pick up to ensure they are ready when the bus arrives.

Volunteers are to escort clients on and off the bus and to ensure that they have their seatbelts on whilst the bus is in transit.

The volunteer must be seated directly behind the driver so that they can monitor all of the clients.  If there are 2 volunteers on the bus, the second volunteer must be seated at the back of the bus.

The Volunteer/s must alight the bus before the clients when arriving at their destinations.



For the split shift runs, volunteers meet the driver at the depot at 8.00am.  After dropping off the clients at Balcombe Heights, the driver will drop off the volunteer back at the Showground. The volunteer will then meet the driver at the showground again at 2.00pm and travel from the showground and then onto Balcombe Heights for the afternoon shift when clients return home.


The volunteer bus assistant must remain on the bus until the completion of the entire run. The bus will arrive back at the Castle Hill Showground between 4.30-5.00pm


Volunteers who participate in a full day activity assist at the Centre based program for the day and then assist with the return trip for clients to their homes.


The Bus Assistant role is best suited to a person who is:


      • reliable and punctual
      • empathetic and patient
      • happy and easy going
      • proactive and alert
      • has their own transport 


Our organisation offers ongoing support, social events and training for volunteers.

Volunteers play a vital role to ensure we are providing the best possible service to

our clients.


Volunteers are required to work to standards consistent with Councils policy and procedures and with emphasis on work health and safety, and customer satisfaction.