Interpretive Volunteer

Why you will love this position:

It is said that the past is a foreign country. History Interpreters translate the world the Watkins and their employees lived in for park guests, so that they may appreciate that history and understand why it is important.

All you need for success:

  • A love for history.
  • The desire to teach Watkins history.
  • Be able to lead tour groups in the house or mill.

A prior knowledge of Watkins history is a plus, but not necessary.  If you do not already know the history, we will help you learn it.

About Watkins Woolen Mill State Park and State Historic Site

Stepping on to the grounds of Watkins Woolen Mill State Historic Site is like stepping into 19th century pastorale. Many of the buildings that Waltus Watkins spent half a century building – including an elegant home and a three-story woolen mill – have been preserved to give visitors a sense of life in the 1870s. The mill is the only 19th century textile mill in the United States with its original machinery still intact. The site's visitor center offers an introduction to the Watkins family and their many business ventures.