City of Pleasanton: Preschool, Youth, and Teen

Friends of Gingerbread Board Member

Friends of Gingerbread Preschool (F.O.G.) is a non-profit parent organization that supports the City of Pleasanton’s Gingerbread Preschool. Funds raised by F.O.G. go towards improvements of our preschool facility, staff development, and classroom items that aim to enhance our school’s play-based curriculum. Funds are also used to host events to bring our Gingerbread community together.

F.O.G. has an Executive Board, which, through it’s members, City Liaison, and committees, supports social events and fundraising activities to benefit the school.

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Mission Statement

The Preschool, Youth and Teen Division supports programs such as Gingerbread Preschool, Summer Day Camps, teen events, and the Ptownlife News Team.