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Lancaster Library - Conversational English


Lancashire libraries care and cater for the needs of their local communities and are recognised as a safe space and often the main community hub. The library service is continually involved with new projects to ensure they provide what is needed locally for all ages. By running regular events and acting as the venue for many other local groups' activities, they endeavour to help tackle the issues leading to social isolation. Their many regular activities and events include: Digital skills courses, Mental Health & Wellbeing groups, Reading groups, Children's Activities, Craft Activities for all ages as well as providing information and knowledge for enquiries.

The need for volunteers to help assist the service, by helping under supervision to provide many of the activities and projects, is vital.

This Conversational English volunteering opportunity is aimed at establishing a sense of pride and participation in our community.

The benefits of helping others practice their English communication skills by listening to and speaking with them, in an encouraging and supportive way, will make a big difference to their lives.

By volunteering you are enabling people to join in, become part of the community and be more able to access essential services.


Tasks – Under supervision:


  • Participate and ensure a friendly and supportive environment in maintained.
  • Helping by listening to and speaking with group members.
  • Help in setting up the spaces for sessions.
  • Help with refreshments -if appropriate.
  • Act as extra set of eyes.
  • Assisting (when the time presents) group members to access other essential I.T groups / services.
  • Welcoming library users to the sessions and be willing to help tackle social isolation by talking.
  • Log volunteering hours monthly and submit expenses where applicable via an on-line computer system.
  • Complete minimum level training e.g. safeguarding and commit to further training relevant to role.


  • Be confident at dealing with all members of the public
  • Be an excellent communicator
  • Be reliable and committed
  • Have patience and understanding
  • Be friendly and approachable
  • Desirable but not essential - Ability to communicate confidently in another language

Please speak to a member of library staff before applying


Training will be provided where necessary and may be in the form of peer support, distance learning or trainer led.  Volunteers must have completed the required training before any activity can be undertaken and may be asked to regularly refresh training where required.


Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Tuesday Morning