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Reparation activities are an element of Restorative Justice, through which young people are encouraged to make amends for their offending behaviour through community based projects. Reparation Activities Volunteers oversee and support young people on various projects within the community, both in groups and on a one-to-one basis. Projects include gardening, painting, leaflet distribution and many more. Reparation Activities Volunteers inspire, motivate and encourage young people whilst undertaking practical, manual projects.

On completion of the projects, you will debrief with another member of the team about how the project went and how the young person engaged. Being involved with Reparation activities gives volunteers a valuable opportunity to experience work with young people first hand and to be involved with a variety of young people, at all stages of the Youth Justice System.

What is the aim of reparation?

- To repair the harm caused

- Reintegrate the young person

- Raise Public Confidence

- Engage the Young Person

- Help to prevent re-offending

- Support the young person in learning new skills, increase their motivation and raise their self-esteem

 What skills make good Reparation Activities Volunteer?

ü Good Communication Skills

ü Good Time Management

ü A Flexible Approach

ü Good Question and Listening Skills

ü Confidence

ü Calm

ü Reliability

ü Maintain Confidentiality

ü Work As Part of a Team

ü An Open and Non-Judgemental Approach

ü Empathy and understanding for young people

ü Be open to training and development

ü Good reading and writing skills

ü Punctuality

ü Commitment

ü Adaptability

What is the time commitment?

Reparation Activities usually take place on week days between 10am-4.00pm. We ask you be willing to commit to a minimum of three hours a month.

What will you gain?

All Reparation Activities Volunteers are given extensive training which develops facilitation skills, communication skills and knowledge and understanding of the youth justice system and the young people who are part of it. These and other skills should be easily transferable into many situations outside of reparative tasks. Reparation Activities Volunteers are volunteers so they are not paid, but they should not be out of pocket; travel expenses will be reimbursed by your local YOT.

All applications will be short listed and notified of the outcome; successful applicants will be invited to an informal interview. Please be advised that in order to join LYOT as a Reparation Activities Volunteer requires a commitment to an induction training process. 

To support and strengthen your induction training, you will need to complete a number of e-learning modules through the 'Youth Justice Interactive Learning Space' (YJILS) and the Lancashire's Children and Young People's Trust. Unfortunately, you will not be able to begin volunteering with us without first completing all the necessary aspects of  the induction process, including the e-learning.

Qualifications Required

  • DBS satisfactorily returned put in the expiry date (3 years from date of issue) Must be Returned

Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Monday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Tuesday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Wednesday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Thursday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Friday - Morning, Afternoon