Be The Heart Of OV! Daily Volunteer Events - Ages Vary - Project Support Linda Smith & Christopher Smith Family Campus 6300 W Oakey 14+

This role is located at our 6300 West Oakey Campus -

Join us in our Employee Resource Center as you assist the individuals we serve working on various contracts. 

You will assist the team in our Employee Resource Center working on small piece projects.  Your specific project will be determined by the need/rotation of the team on the day of your service as their projects are time-sensitive and rotate.  All projects can be accomplished sitting or standing and are typically small dexterity in nature.  Some examples are; cleaning and twisting Cox cables for shipment, stuffing conference bags, small packing projects (coffee cup with cream, sugar, and stir), etc.  Volunteers who assist in these roles are precious to our organization as they help us meet contract deadlines promptly, thus helping us win more contracts to provide programs and services.

Projects will vary depending on current needs.  Shifts will be posted as the need arises.