Spanish Catholic Center Dental Clinic - Catholic University Student Nurse Intern - Patient Liaisons

Patient Liaison for Healthcare Services  

Detail-orientated, friendly, and tech-savvy people interested in the healthcare services field and helping patients access care are encouraged to apply for the Patient Liaison role to support Catholic Charities Healthcare Services. This program caters to the uninsured and underserved population in their behavior, dental, and medical healthcare needs. 


The Patient Liaison will serve as a guide to prospective and current patients to help them overcome health disparities due to a lack of access to care. By providing reassurance and information, the Patient Liaison will help patients navigate the various healthcare services programs and connect them to other integrated services. We are searching for 1-2 excellent volunteers to fill this role. 


Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Screen patients for eligibility with the healthcare services clinics.
  • Approach patients to confirm their upcoming appointments.
  • Reach out to patients to identify reasons for not showing up to their appointments.
  • Assist patients in completing patient satisfaction surveys.
  • Assist with the coordination of care and onboarding of patients.
  • Brief prospective patients on necessary information and serve as a guide.
  • Serve as a reference for prospective patients and current patients by providing resources and information such as site information, registration details, and available treatment services. 

Desired Skills & Characteristics:  

  • Healthcare experience 
  • Customer Service exposure 
  • Administrative skills 
  • Bilingual in Spanish preferred  
  • Takes initiative 
  • Ability to multitask   

Volunteer Benefits: 

  • Opportunity to further develop customer service skills 
  • Experience working in healthcare field with an administrative focus 

Volunteer Support: 

  • Training provided - both written guides and videos and presentations 
  • One-on-one supervision 

Time Commitment: 

  • 16-24 hours week; in 8- hour shifts (Monday- Friday)  

  • Availability during the workday or early evening, Monday - Friday 


  • 12247 Georgia Avenue Silver Spring MD 20902 

  • 1618 Monroe Street NW Washington D.C. 20010 

  • Volunteer will need access to a computer, internet, phone and EHR software