Angel's Watch Shelter

Angel's Watch Provide-a-Meal Program

Angel’s Watch Family Shelter provides short-term emergency housing to families in crisis. During their stay families gain a stable environment to establish family routines (dinner, homework, sleep, school, work), support to find safe housing that meets their needs, gainful employment, and other resources. Typically, families stay 30-60 days. 


Impact of the volunteer: 

  • The dinners that Provide-a-Meal Teams prepare for the residents of Angel’s Watch ensure families have a nutritious and filling meal around which to gather at the end of the day. A meal together nourishes the body and the spirit and the sense of belonging and care. 


  • Provide-a-Meal Teams work best when they include a coordinator who is the point of contact for all the team members and 4 to 7, or more, team members. It’s helpful if the team includes a few “on call” members who can step in when needed. 


Duties & Responsibilities of Provide-a-Meal volunteers: 

  • Provide a meal for 70 people by doing one of the following: 

  • Once a month prepare and deliver a meal to feed 70 people  
  • Once, prepare and deliver a meal to feed 70 people 
  • Underwrite the cost of a meal for 70 people which the staff will prepare
  • Purchase and deliver a meal for 70 people 
  • Confirm commitment to bring a meal a week in advance of scheduled delivery 



Provide-a-meal Teams must be able to do one of the following: 

  • Assemble a team of people to contribute some portion of a meal, selected from the approved menu, for 70 people 

  • Purchase the meal ingredients and 9x13 foil pans and foil 

  • Prepare a portion of the meal that together with others will feed ~70 people 

  • Include heating/cooking instructions for the meal 

  • Confirm a week in advance 

  • Secure substitute volunteers to cover weeks when the PAM group will not be able to keep their commitment 

  • Deliver the meal to XXXX at 4:30 PM  


Desired Skills, Experience & Characteristics: 

  • Decent home cooks who can follow a recipe 


Volunteer Benefits: 

  • The Provide-a-Meal Teams will demonstrate the community’s commitment to care for the most vulnerable people 

  • The Provide-a-Meal Teams will develop their own group’s identity as a meaningful contributor to the community.



The Provide-a-Meal volunteers use the information linked below to plan:

  • Once a month for a year 

  • Approximately 4 hours/team member to shop and prepare food and deliver to the Team Coordinator  

  • Approximately 1 hour for the Team Coordinator to deliver the meal 

  • Provide-a-Meal Events (e.g., one time meal or a holiday meal) 

  • One time ~ 4 hours/ per team member to prepare the meal 

  • ~4 hours to deliver and serve the meal 

  • Provide-a-Meal Sponsors: 

  • Purchase and deliver a meal for the ~70 residents of the shelter ($300-$500) 


  • Deliver the meals to:  


Point of Contact:  


Next Steps:

  • Apply to serve in this role (link to application). Click the Fill in an application button to the right to submit an application for your group.
  • After submitting your application, scroll down to the Schedule heading and click the + Sign Up button to register for a volunteer shift.
  • Show up at the project location for your volunteer shift.

Schedule Summary

This activity has the following schedule

Date Start Time End Time
Friday, September 15, 2023 5:00 PM 5:30 PM