Immigration Legal Services

On Call Legal Interpreter

On Call Legal Interpreter Volunteer


Immigration Legal Services (ILS) focuses on the provision of direct legal immigration services to foreign‐born individuals and their families. ILS has represented individuals from more than 135 countries around the world needing legal assistance with an immigration matter.


On Call Legal Interpreter Volunteers will assist with interpreting for pro bono legal cases in the Immigration Legal Services program. They will provide interpretations that are vital to clients receiving the assistance they need.


On Call Legal Interpreter Volunteers will be responsible for:

  • Interpreting for pro bono legal cases


Desired Skills, Experience & Characteristics:

  • Proficiency in Spanish or French
  • Fluent speakers of other languages (Portuguese, Lingala, other less common languages) are also desired
  • Detail-oriented and able to communicate well



  • Language fluency and interpretation capability
  • Volunteers must be 18 years or older


Volunteer Benefits:

  • Improved legal interpretation and communication skills
  • An opportunity to meet people from all walks of life



  • Volunteers will participate in Catholic Charities Volunteer Orientation
  • Volunteers will receive on-site training at the Immigration Legal Services Center
  • Volunteers will have on-site supervision


Time Commitment:

  • Volunteers will be placed on a list of interpreters who could be called on an as needed basis
  • Volunteer commitment would last for the duration of the legal case
  • Hours and days are flexible based on attorney and volunteer availability
  • Most of the work will occur during business hours (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM)


Location: Immigration Legal Services, 924 G Street NW Washington DC 20001

  • There is limited street parking in front of the facility
  • Also accessible by the DC Metro Rail Gallery Place-Chinatown station


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