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Enzler Society Leaders - Enzler Society Leaders

Enzler Society Leaders 


The Enzler Society Leaders are the point of contact for the young adult membership group which is dedicated to supporting Catholic Charities’ mission, serving Catholic Charities programs and clients, and eventually become financial supporters of Catholic Charities. The Enzler Society is a program of the Development Department and other client serving programs of Catholic Charities. 


Impact of the volunteer: 

  • Enzler Society Leaders will recruit and engage approximately 100 people to become engaged with Catholic Charities each year 
  • The Enzler Society will cultivate a sense of community among its members and with the people they encounter at Catholic Charities. They will become conversant about the mission of Catholic Charities and their experiences as volunteers. 

Duties & Responsibilities: 


The Enzler Society Leaders will:   

  • Determine calendar of events for the year with CC DC staff points of contact 
  • Communicate with members and CCADW contacts about activities 
  • Manage the Enzler Society account in the volunteer management system 
  • Recruit members to lead and attend activities  
  • Capture and share participant testimonials and photos  
  • Help track member attendance at events: # of people and # hours served  
  • Recognize members for involvement and leadership  
  • Plan and conduct periodic “good life” activities for residents of Catholic Charities’ Mulumba House 
  • Serve for a term of 1-2 years 


  • Member of the Enzler Society
  • Assigned or elected to the role of Enzler Society Leader

Desired Skills, Experience & Characteristics: 

  • Skills to learn and carry out tasks using various online applications  
  • Organized 
  • Networkers  

Volunteer Benefits: 


Enzler Society Leaders will: 

  • Develop a working knowledge of Catholic Charities  
  • Be able to advocate for Catholic Charities and the people who access services here 
  • Become visible point of contact for young people in the ADW who want to become supporters of Catholic Charities 
  • Use and refine leadership and communication skills 
  • Use and refine community building and organizing abilities  



Enzler Society Leaders will be supported to learn and carry out their duties by: 

  • Opportunities to learn about Catholic Charities mission and culture through volunteer orientation
  • Opportunities to successfully engage with clients though program-specific orientation
  • Meeting periodically with staff of Catholic Charities programs and offices to plan and carry out activities
  • On-site volunteer project supervision or assistance from Catholic Charities staff

Time Commitment:

  • 3-5 hours a month  


  • Planning and communication tasks are carried out online and using video conferencing
  • Service projects and events are carried out in person at various locations

Staff Liaison: 

  • Nathan Alvarez will be the point of contact  

  • Donor Relations Associate , Development Department 

  • Nathan.Alvarez@CC-DC.org