Catholic Charities Volunteer Services

Parish and School Outreach - ESOL Trainer

English as a Second Language Trainer

An experienced ESOL teacher is needed to assist Catholic Charities staff in the development of ESOL programs at Catholic Charities office and parish locations. This teacher volunteer will train and supervise volunteers how to teach beginner English classes.  The volunteer will monitor and coach volunteer teachers. Professional teachers with experience teaching English as a Second Language (ESOL) and who enjoy training others are sought. 


ESOL Trainer Volunteers will be responsible for:

  • Professional ESOL teacher volunteers are needed to train, monitor and coach volunteers new to teaching English classes for adult immigrant students.  The locations will be Catholic Charities offices and parish locations in Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties.
  • Help in the development of materials and class activities


Desired Skills, Experience & Characteristics:

  • Experience teaching ESOL
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Adaptable to change
  • Calm demeanor
  • Self-started
  • Organized
  • Friendly/outgoing



  • Fluency in spoken and written English
  • Degree in teaching, especially in teaching ESOL



Volunteer Benefits:

  • The professional ESOL teacher will enable parishes and Catholic Charities in Silver Spring to develop and maintain ESOL classes.  English classes enable immigrant communities to introduce themselves, seek better employment, talk with medical or social service providers. Class development will occur in parishes and/or offices as requested.
  • The opportunity to create new community ESOL programs in neighborhoods with few options for low income immigrant students.
  • Help create thriving volunteer teaching teams that will teach ESOL and be supportive of  refugee and immigrant families.
  • Empower immigrant students to learn English and negotiate with landlords, employers, medical and social service providers.



  • Classroom space and supplies provided
  • The volunteer(s) will be supervised by dedicated Catholic Charities staff



Time Commitment:

  • Classes are usually 10-12 weeks with seasonal breaks. Volunteers are asked to commit to one 10-12 week course, but may continue teaching as desired after seasonal breaks.
  • In early Fall, Winter and Spring the volunteer ESOL trainer will help coordinate training sessions for volunteer teachers of 6-10 hours for morning or evening volunteers.
  • On a weekly basis the trainer will have one three-hour session monitoring classes, coaching volunteer teachers.
  • Once a month the ESOL trainer will meet with Catholic Charities staff planning outreach and development of classes.


  • Catholic Charities, 8200 Good Luck Rd #100, Lanham, MD 20706 (Catholic Charities office located on the campus of Doctors Community Hospital)
  • Parish locations as requested in the Archdiocese.
  • Metro and bus accessible
  • Free parking available


 Next Steps:

  • Apply to serve in this role; click the Fill in an application button to the right to submit your application
  • Then, join us for Volunteer Orientation to learn more about this role and begin the volunteer onboarding process