Canterbury City Community Centre

Wellness - Social Inclusion and Wellness Program

Wellness – Social Inclusion and Wellness Program

Position Title: Social Inclusion and Wellness Volunteer


Section/Unit: Canterbury City Community Centre


Direct Supervision: Social Inclusion and Wellness Support Worker


Overall Supervision: Social Inclusion and Wellness Coordinator


Position Description:

  1. Provide social contact and friendly interaction to well-aged & frail aged in the community who are socially isolated or at risk of being socially isolated.
  2. Support clients to participate in social & leisure activities of interest at home or in the community.
  3. Adhere to the policy and procedures and the code of behaviour of Canterbury City Community Centre.


Duties and Responsibilities:




  • Set up activities in preparation for the day as directed
  • Assist clients from their homes and into the vehicle and from the vehicle and into their homes after the activity.  
  • Assist with morning or afternoon tea or lunch  
  • Assist clients with activities as directed.  
  • Deliver specific activities as directed.
  • Support clients to the bathroom as required  
  • Packing up and cleaning up after activities.  
  • Any other duties as directed by your supervisor.




  • Assist clients from their homes and into the vehicle, and from the vehicle and into their homes after the outing.
  • Support clients while at the venue, including to the bathroom as required, as directed by supervisor.



Home Visiting/Accompanied Activities:


  • With reference to clients’ Care Plan interact with client according to their interests.
  • Assist with shopping to the vehicle and into client’s home




Residential Visiting:


  • Providing a range of activities and interaction for residents, according to resident’s choice.




Telephone Support:


  • To provide a pleasant telephone interaction for clients on waiting list or taking leave from service, as directed.



Bus/Vehicle Driver:


  • To provide safe and reliable transport to clients participating in services






  • Ability to relate well to clients and other staff and volunteers
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Ability to follow directions from supervisor
  • Ability to take initiative and work independently
  • Reliability as a team member
  • Understanding of the importance of the principle of consumer directed care
  • Ability to assist with or present activities as directed



  • Commitment to participate in training, development and support meetings.
  • Participation in “Volunteer Essentials” training within 3 months of commencing role is a requirement.  



We promote diversity and practice equity. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are encouraged to apply.


Start Date: This is an ongoing, open position.