Dakota County Sheriff's Office

Operations - Reserve Unit

General Description

Reserve deputies perform services for the office without compensation. The unit assists deputies in the delivery of non-precarious services. Some responsibilities include directing traffic at an accident or fire scene, assisting in the search for lost persons or evidence, providing staffing or security at special assignments and events.

These assignments can include stake outs, sporting events, the Dakota County Fair, school functions and other public events. They also assist in transporting prisoners to the Dakota County Jail, conducting traffic surveys, animal control services, and enforcing various county and township ordinances.

Reserves may also be requested to assist members assigned to Crime Prevention, School Liaison and Neighborhood Watch Programs.

If you are interested in joining the Reserve Unit or need additional information please contact Sergeant Thomas Jacobson at 651-438-4700 or thomas.jacobson@co.dakota.mn.us.

Qualifications Required

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